Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) Expands Market Presence by Introducing Sleep Machines With Leading Baby Retailers

News about the effectiveness of LectroFan sound machine has spread among parents with children of all ages and some major retailers have taken notice. Parents looking for the trusted brand and best sound machine to soothe babies to sleep can now find LectroFan at and

The availability of LectroFan in the Baby and Children’s market complements the growing list of stores across the country now offering Sound+Sleep, LectroFan, and Sound+Sleep Mini products from Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. The sleep machines are also available nationwide at Amazon,,,, and Newegg and many other resellers such as Serenity Health, Supreme Health, and

“The LectroFan now at and is a key milestone for the company. LectroFan has grown to become a “must have” product for parents with newborns needing sleep sounds for the nursery,” said Keith Washo, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to partner with these family retailers to give more parents easier access to our sleep machines.”

Here’s what parents are saying about LectroFan. (*Testimonials obtained through verified reviews. Testimonials are non-paid.)

  • “Awesome product for infant’s room. No more tip-toeing around when you have to sleep in the same room with your little (i.e. traveling, hotel room, etc). This machine has a much higher sound capacity than any other noise machines,” Brian*.
  • “Great product! Natural sounds, no loops, lots of options, great volume control. We bought two of them (for the baby and Daddy). We tried many other white noise/fan options and this is definitely the best,” Ivan*.
  • “This is the best noise machine I have ever found. I am a very light sleeper, and all extraneous noise wakes me up. With this machine, I sleep peacefully all night. There are enough white noise sounds that I can find the right one for me,” Dee*.

For more information on where to find LectroFan and Sound+Sleep products, go to

About Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.
ASTI was founded in 2008 and is now a leading supplier of sound machines and adaptive audio products. The company’s mission, “Adapting audio and improving lives,” has been the driving force behind its innovation and product development. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, ASTI has developed best-selling sound machines like Sound+Sleep and LectroFan that redefine the science of sleep and recently expanded its reach into the wearable tech market with its novo technology.