ASTI Launches SOUND+SLEEP MINI – Advanced Sleep Therapy System Optimized for Travel


Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) today announced SOUND+SLEEP MINI™, a travel-sized, Adaptive Sound™ sleep machine designed to help people fall asleep naturally whether at home or on the go.

The SOUND+SLEEP MINI is the result of efforts by sleep, audio, electronics, and software specialists to deliver a convenient sleep therapy system, with a compact yet sturdy design that stands up to the rigors of travel, yet is beautifully designed to complement any décor. Like the original SOUND+SLEEP machine, natural sound ecosystems were captured and are reproduced in real-time using the latest in advanced electronics to provide world-class listening experiences whether you are sleeping, reading, or relaxing during travel or at home. MINI also utilizes patented Adaptive Sound™ technology that “listens and responds” to background sounds and adjusts the volume and sound complexity of the machine accordingly to mask unwanted and disruptive ambient noises.

Many travelers find that they have a hard time ‘turning off’ their brain at night, especially in hotels with distracting noises such as televisions, elevators, ice machines, and hotel hallway chatter. SOUND+SLEEP MINI masks these sounds to help induce natural, drug-free sleep. Ideal for hotel rooms, bedrooms, or the office, the attractive SOUND+SLEEP MINI offers 48 natural sounds and white noises in twelve unique categories to promote a deeper sleep, relaxation, and renewal for the day ahead. Non-looping sounds include: Ocean, Rainfall, Meadow, Brook, Fireplace, Whale song, Crowd, Rainforest, Heartbeat, Boat, Train, and Airplane ride, and noises like White, Pink, Brown and Digital Fans. The machine can play all night or turn off automatically with its integrated timer.

“Lack of sleep while traveling whether for business or pleasure is often a huge problem and can have serious consequences: missed meetings, groggy mornings and afternoon fatigue – just to name a few,” said Sam Nicolino, President and CEO of Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. “Customers have been asking for a travel version so they can take SOUND+SLEEP with them on the road. In addition to new innovative SoundStory content, MINI retains the capabilities of the SOUND+SLEEP original; however, with its smaller and lighter design you can easily take it on the go. The flexible travel-friendly power supply system works from AA batteries, the included power supply, or a USB power source. At only two and a half inches tall SOUND+SLEEP MINI comfortably fits in a purse, carry-on, or briefcase.”

Additionally, the SOUND+SLEEP MINI is the ideal Smartphone complement allowing you to connect your device through the line-input to listen to music, radio, and movies through its high quality upward facing speaker for great full room sound acoustics. The MINI also features a standard headphone jack for private listening

SOUND+SLEEP MINI is available at leading retailers like Amazon here with suggested retail price of $79.95. You can learn more at or by calling direct 1-866-220-7607

About Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI)
ASTI was founded in 2008 and is now a leading supplier of sound machines and adaptive audio products. The company’s mission, “Adapting audio and improving lives,” has been the driving force behind its innovation and product development. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, ASTI has developed best-selling sound machines like Sound+Sleep and LectroFan that redefine the science of sleep and recently expanded its reach to the wearable tech and smart volume control markets with its novo technology.

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