Why Sound Helps Us Sleep.

In our last blog post we explored sound, specifically White Noise, that could help you sleep better. Auditory experience plays an important role in the sleep process. You would think that lack of sound would help you sleep. However, it is a long held theory that certain sounds in our auditory spectrum can facilitate this … Continued

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc Grows Canada Sales Channel Adding Best Buy and Staples

CAMPBELL, CA (PRWEB) APRIL 17, 2016 Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc. (ASTI), the leading manufacturer of advanced sound machines, today announced Best Buy and Staples as a new sellers in Canada. Best Buy and Staples will be introducing the Sound+Sleep Therapy Systems and LectroFan sound machines to their .com marketplace. ASTI, known for its high-performance LectroFan … Continued

‘LectroFan Celebrates a Significant Milestone: Over 4K Amazon Reviews.

Featured Post: NetRush.com In October 2013, NetRush entered a new partnership with Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI), as the official Amazon retailer of their patented sound and white noise machine, LectroFan. For us, the partnership was an opportunity to launch a great product at the start of its journey to market. We were similarly excited … Continued

Adaptive Sound Technology, Inc. Expands International Business with Launch of Sound Machines Into Taiwan

CAMPBELL, CA (PRWEB) MARCH 23, 2016 Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc.(ASTI), the leading manufacturer of advanced sound machines and adaptive audio products, announced the appointment of Northlight as an authorized reseller of ASTI sound machines. Effective immediately, Northlight will begin marketing and selling the LectroFan white noise and fan sound machines into their Taiwan channels. Northlight … Continued

Can Noise Help You Sleep?

With the subject of sleep being pushed into the spotlight and sleep as a science now an increasingly popular area of study, we are aware more than ever of the need for quality sleep, and how damaging lack of sleep can be. This is to the degree that many unable to sleep well naturally, are … Continued

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) Announces New Sound Machine Partnership with Leading Sleep Product Retailer, Sleep Direct

CAMPBELL,CA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 25, 2016 Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI), the leading supplier of adaptive audio products and advanced sound machines, announced today the launch of the Sound+Sleep Therapy System product line with sleep medical device provider, Sleep Direct. With this partnership, ASTI continues to expand into the sleep solution sector with products that service … Continued

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. Launches Full Line Of Sound Machine Products on Target.com

CAMPBELL, CA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 18, 2016 Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc (ASTI), leading manufacturer of advanced sound machines and adaptive audio products, announced today that it has commenced shipping its full line of Sound+Sleep Therapy Systems and LectroFan sound machines to Target.com. This includes the Sound+Sleep, Sound+Sleep MINI, and LectroFan in both black & white color … Continued

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc (ASTI) launches products at Best Buy Canada

CAMPBELL, CA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 01, 2016 ASTI, the leader in advanced sound machines and adaptive audio products, today announced the launch of its entire sound machine product line online at BestBuy.ca. All ASTI sleep machines will be available, including theSound+Sleep, Sound+Sleep MINI, and LectroFan products. ASTI, VP of Sales & Marketing, Keith Washo noted, “We … Continued

Eat to Sleep: How Diet Determines Your Sleep Health.

Tired, grumpy, bad day at work, chaotic welcome home and all you want to do is…eat; To gorge, or graze on something high-carb, sugar-frosted or salt-crusted.  Scientists now say that there is a direct connection between what you eat and how you sleep, and…what you eat when you don’t sleep. We’ll review why this happens … Continued

Intentional Sleep Health and Wellness: Effective Sleeping.

In part 1 of this series, Intentional Sleep Health and Wellness, we reviewed the science of sleep, what happens when you sleep and how your body restructures and recovers, ridding itself of harmful toxins in your brain and throughout your body. During the second part of this series, we’ll explore how you can be more … Continued