“Since my kids have been benefiting so much from having a SOUND+SLEEP Sound Machine, I figured it was time for mom and dad to get one and start benefiting as well. I am so glad I have this in my room now. Both my husband and I love it and we are hooked. I used to wake up a lot because of outside noises; like cars outside, my dogs, wind blowing, etc… But now I sleep so well.”

“Maybe you miss the sounds of a busy city after moving to the suburbs; you can dial that in, too. And if there are honking horns outside your window — or someone’s car alarm going off — the machine’s adaptive sound technology will adjust its levels accordingly.”

“A Better Way to Sleep. The Sound+Sleep machine from Adaptive Sound Technologies has long loop cycles so you won’t notice any repetitive looping from your sound stories.”

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“Sound+Sleep; Sleep Therapy system, is the only sleep sound machine that I have come across that produces quality sounds. This machine not only effectively mask outside noises, but the quality of the varied sounds actually induces sleep. This is why Sound+Sleeps receive my humble award.”

“Ten Stress Relieving Gadgets That Everyone Needs: Looking for something to drown out the stress-inducing sounds of a noisy office or home? Check out the SOUND+SLEEP system by ASTI! As the name suggests, this device can be used as a sleep aid, but its soundscapes can also be used in a relaxing, stress-relieving context.”

Sound+Sleep MINI™

Sound+Sleep MINI

“Thousands of children and adults rely on some form of sound to fall asleep each night. Whether it’s the noises from home, a slow moving stream, waves crashing, a fan whirling or just plain white noise, a sound machine like the compact Sound+Sleep MINI can help.”

“I’ve traveled with the same tiny sound machine for years, but when I was handed the Sound+Sleep Mini, a new world of white noise entered my dreams.”

“At whits end, I looked into sound therapy, and was intrigued when I found ASTI SoundSleep-mini device. And let me say I’m glad I did, sleep has never been so good!”

“Falling asleep and staying that way is a whole lot easier with the right level of white noise….The best sound machine I’ve come across so far is the Sound+Sleep MINI sleep therapy machine.”

“I was just given a chance to review a sound machine from Adaptive Sound Technologies. I’m a bit of a technology geek, so I was super pumped about getting my hands on a cool new gadget. Right off the bat I was very impressed with the features the Sound+Sleep MINI had to offer.”

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“A good night sleep is part of a productive healthy lifestyle. ASTI offers a mini Sound+Sleep Therapy System that provides 12 distinct Sound Stories that is proven to be a safe and effective solution for your sleeping disorder.”


“If you have kids, I think it could be worth its weight in gold. My son is 10 and is usually so worn out by our adventures when we’re traveling that sleep is not an issue. But the second this arrived at our house, he snagged it and took it to his room. He loves it and it really works to get him to sleep earlier. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get it back, nor that I want to since it is so effective for him.”




“The Sound of Silence – None of these sounds repeat themselves, so your mind won’t catch on to any loops in the audio and be distracted by a pattern.”

“I could tell right away how well this was made and we have not gone a night without using it since it arrived. It is literally a miracle in a box! This holiday season, give your whole family the gift of a good night’s sleep!”

2015 Holiday Gift Guide here:

“I have never used a sound machine before so this was all new to me. I was pleased with the quality of sounds. I feel that the machine was clear and had a nice volume range. Two of my favorite sound settings are the fireplace and train.”

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“Having trouble sleeping at night? Need to block out all the external noises in and around your home? Trying to ditch over-the-counter sleeping pills or eliminate the stress of the day? The LectroFan is here to help. Armed with 10 different sound variations and noises that enhance sleep, the LectroFan performs better than a bladed fan or any number of apps on your smartphone or tablet.”

“…the fan and white noises are great.  They are perfect for drowning out any noises from outside her room and helping her to get a good sleep, which in turn helps me get a good night sleep as well.”



“Novo automatically boosts the sound playing through your headphones based on the noises in your surrounding environment. I’ve been using it for a few days with my iPhone and iPod and it is a marvel.”

“The Sound+Sleep Therapy System is designed to help you relax with high-quality recordings of soothing sounds, like waterfalls, oceans, rain, and babbling brooks. It’s a lot of water, but there are also meadow and fireplace settings.”

“It works differently from Noise Cancelling phones in that it does not cancel out ambient noise.  Instead, it adjusts the volume based on what it hears going on around you.”

“The whole point of headphones are to shut everything out: your neighbors having sex, subway performers who don’t understand you’re just trying to listen to your podcast, everything. And the Novo will help. It’s a smart, wearable accessory that listens to your surroundings when headphones are plugged into it and automatically adjusts your volume within a tenth of a second.”

“The user can choose if they want their call volume, music, etc. to increase when noises approach, or decrease when noises approach, to create an optimal listening experience.  And when the call has ended, it boosts the volume back to what ever level you programmed it at previously.”