Scientists have gone to great lengths to fully understand sleep’s benefits. In studies of humans and other animals, they have discovered that sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions (1).

What is White Noise?

White noise works by reducing the difference between background sounds and a “peak” sound, like a door slamming, giving you a better chance to sleep through it undisturbed. The Sound+Sleep products and the ‘LectroFan both have a white noise options, including variations of white noise; brown and pink noise (2).

What is Adaptive Sound Technology?

Adaptive Sound Technology (AST) is the patented, innovative technology integrated into Sound+Sleep, Sleep Therapy Systems, and Novo, Smart Volume Control devices, This technology adjusts volume automatically based on ambient noise levels in your environment, so you always get the best listening experience in real time.

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(2.) The National Sleep Foundation: Hear, Listen. Are Noises Keeping You Awake?



I LOVE THIS DEVICE and the 10 varieties of sounds it produces. Several years ago I purchased one for use in my physical therapy office. Everyone loved the sounds and we now have 3 units around the office. In addition, customer support has been fabulous.
Ann Rugh, Physical Therapist


BEST SOUND MACHINE IN THE WORLD. The most advanced machine of its kind. Great sounds, which can be set to alter automatically in response to changes in the external noise environment around you. This helps to mask disruptive sounds as they occur, to keep them from disturbing you. There is no other machine like it!


We LOVE !!!!!!!!!! this machine prior to having one we stayed at a friends house and he had one so we tried it out well that was it, we have had it for about 2 years and it works just like the first day and we use it every night can not sleep without it, the different sounds are nice and we change them depending on our mood I would recommend this to anyone it is a GREAT product.
Ken Condon


Easily the best sound machine we have brought home! At first I was offended that my wife spent so much on this small box. But when it fooled me and I thought it really was raining outside….well there you go. Not some noisy “white noise” machine. Quality, real sounding effects. Because this machine is a box and not a flat disc like other sleep machines, they were able to put in a better speaker and sound system.
Bruce L.