Improving Your Life With Sound.

Sound Sleep is Within Reach.

Relax and drift to sleep with Sound +Sleep, Sleep Therapy Systems.

Sound+Sleep features sound stories taken from natural settings including ocean, meadow, waterfall, and white noise! Sleep soundly with *Adaptive Sound Technology that automatically adjusts the volume of your sound story preference to mask disruptive noise.

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Recover From Jet­Lag Quickly.

Sleep well wherever you go with Sound+Sleep MINI.

Get the rest you need to make the most out of your experience away from home. Drown out disruptive elevator noise or hallway chatter while listening to soothing sounds that help you relax and sleep well.

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Hear What You Want To Hear.

Tune in sound you want. Tune out noise you don’t.

Novo smart volume control device automatically boosts the volume of what you are listening to or reduces audio so you can hear surrounding sound or conversation.

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Small in Size, BIG on Sleep.

Don’t settle for a fan in a box. The science of sleep has evolved!

The ‘LectroFan is a pure white noise and fan sound generator that features 10 digitized, non­looping pure white noise and 10 fan sounds. The compact design makes it great fit for your nightstand at home or on the road.

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Awards & Testimonials

Excellent product. Have had two of these for a few years now, couldn’t be more satisfied.

Perfect! My husband has insomnia. …It would be worth a million dollars to me for him to get a good nights sleep. And this machine has really helped.

I now sleep better then ever! I missed the sound of a fan at night in the winter. Perfect for me.

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