Sleep Better. Live Better.

Digital technology provides richly detailed sound environments designed to help you relax, get to sleep and stay asleep, even with disruptive noise. Find out why thousands of happy customers love our products and recommend them to their friends.

Sound+Sleep SE is the world’s most advanced sound machine to help you sleep better.

It offers 64 distinct sound profiles scientifically engineered to promote deeper sleep, relaxation, and renewal. Unlike other “White Noise” sound machines, SOUND+SLEEP SE uses naturally recorded, high-definition sounds that constantly evolve and never loop, eliminating all audio repetition for real-world natural sound experiences.

Excellent product. Have had two of these for a few years now, couldn’t be more satisfied.

Perfect! My husband has insomnia. …It would be worth a million dollars to me for him to get a good nights sleep. And this machine has really helped.

I now sleep better then ever! I missed the sound of a fan at night in the winter. Perfect for me.